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You will be first against the Wall...

I don't think there is anything in current living that makes me feel more removed and alienated from my fellow countryman than the hysteria surrounding the death & memory of Princess Diana...

Apparently it's exactly a decade since she died in a car accident in Paris (got to love the irony there...)  and it seems we as a country are going to mourn to ridiculous lengths her death once again....I feel this outpouring of almost manufactured grief is as embarrassing to the image of the UK as football hooligans or illegal wars (thou not as morally repugnant...)

I remember when Diana died, just being completely unable to understand why the whole country seemed to stop and just go into some collective and mindless mourning for someone who, lets face it, was a media creation (Land mines are bad..., yes obviously you are a Saint...) . I was doing a shitty office job for Natwest and had just left University so really wasn't in the best place in my life, so perhaps that influenced my anger at how people decided this death was more important than anything going on in the world then, ...and ten years later with Genocide, famine, extinction and war still very much a part of the planet, why the fuck should we care to this degree??? (obvious cheap journalism from the mainstream press aside,)
Now my views on the royal family would fit right in with the French Revolution, and I'm sure people who knew Diana had genuine feelings towards her,  so I guess I'm insensitive to their fate...or maybe I'm still bitter, ten years on, that the death caused Sky TV to cancel showing a brand new Simpsons episode, back when that was the TV highlight
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