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Remembering Nancy Sullivan...

With the tragic news that it appears Chris Benoit has killed himself after killing his wife and 7 year old son, the internet is abuzz with wrestling fans paying tribute to the deceased legandary wrestler.


I don't doubt for a second that Benoit was a brillant performer, in fact I'd call him the most consistant worker ever (others were better on their best day, but if you wanted a 4-star match and had to bet your life on someone delivering that Benoit, more than Kobashi, Flair or Misawa would be your man). But the facts, as they appear, are: he died a child and spouse murderer. And that's whether or not roid rage was involved...

We should be remembering his wife Nancy, who as Woman, was probably the best bad girl in wrestling. But few are, and that in and of itself, is sad. NO, of course it didn't hurt that she had top level sex appeal, but whilst not the star or legend that her husband was, she was nevertheless on national TV for 10 years+ (from 1989-1999) and was a TV star in her own right...but where is her tribute page, the ten page thread on her life in wrestling?

Of course when I mention this on messageboard, I get accused of being insenstive and disrepectful of the memory of Benoit. No, not remembering who else died and why (murder) is at best insenstive and disrepectful, and it's sexism at it's worst. But then WWE fans have always been utter morons anyhow...

Frankly, Benoit doesn't deserve all the tributes he's getting right now. Killers don't get to have the Viking sendoff, instead let's remember whoelse died over the weekend, at his hands...
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