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What Demons Do to Saints

So Tuesday night's drinks with Rosie in New Cross at the rather unique Montague Arms and low and below if our drinking session didn't occur at the same time as these wonderful folks performed their show...


Believe me, nothing adds to a night out quite like burlesque...very impressed with the performer who managed to dance in time while having what appeared to be a flamethrower attached to both her breasts...:)

And speaking of things that are a little pervy, flicking thru this mouths Marquis magazine you'll come across their reviews pages. Now Marquis quite alot of stuff, from equipment to books, that isn't easy to find on the high street, but within their reviews they're deciede to add a music section. And the artist they have decided to cover? Rammstein.

Yeah the MTV friendly 'industrial' band....

Now I could rant about why a lifestyle magazine believes it's readers would like a certain genre of music (I hate to be pigeonholed, and I really hate Rammstein...) but if Marquis did thing the majority of their readers like industrial (assuming Rammstein can be considered that, people who like Industrial tell me they nothing like it...), why can't they recommend something less obvious and something readers wouldn't already have heard of and decided on...it's not like there aren;t dozens of underground industrial bands out there that, most no doubt better than the stuff MTV plays...
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