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Small, Small world...

From the file marked six degrees of gossip-ation...

On the late train home from Cambridge last I sat opposite two women, and despite not deliberately eavesdropping I couldn't help over hear parts of their conversation...

The two were clearly work collegues, and one as far as I could tell was telling her collegue all the dirt/goss on her new co-workers. Nothing terribly exicting...except that one of the names dropped was that of Sophie S______, which got me interested....

Because as I listened over (over a Mysterious Universe podcast) they described the Sophie, who I was good friends with during my A-Levels, and regrettably lost contact with when we both went our ways to Uni in different parts of the country. In the days before the internet and a society where it's unacceptable not to own a mobile, keeping in touch was harder....
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